26TH International Conference on Pattern Recognition

August 21-25, 2022 • Montréal Québec

Industrial Session

During this panel session, the authors of the four best selected industry-related papers will share their experiences of research in, or with, the industry. The winner of the Best Industry Related Paper will also be announced. This is an open session and all are welcome.

Session Chair: Lawrence O’Gorman

Autoencoder for Synthetic to Real Generalization: From Simple to More Complex Scenes
Steve Dias Da Cruz, Bertram Taetz, Thomas Stifter, Didier Stricker

KPI-BERT: A Joint Named Entity Recognition and Relation Extraction Model for Financial Reports
Lars Hillebrand, Tobias Deußer, Tim Dilmaghani, Bernd Kliem, Rüdiger Loitz, Christian Bauckhage, Rafet Sifa

A Novel Pattern-Based Edit Distance for Automatic Log Parsing
Maxime Raynal, Marc-Olivier Buob, Georges Quénot

Robust Representations for Keyword Spotting Systems 
Aidan Smyth, Niall Lyons, Ted Wada, Robert Zopf, Ashutosh Pandey, Avik Santra